Gipave Patented High-Tech Graphene-Enhanced Supermodifier

Gipave is a patented high-tech graphene-enhanced polymeric supermodifier designed for sustainable and longer-lasting asphalt pavements. It is the newest and most cost-effective technology, as it improves the performances of asphalt pavements and doubles their service life, preventing distresses and reducing maintenance operations and the related costs over time.

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CILA 2022

From 20 November 2022 to 25 June 2022

From November 20th to 25th, Iterchimica will attend the XXI Congreso Ibero Latinoamericano del Asfalto to be held in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

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Latest News

Gipave awarded by the Austrian State Radio Ö1 for climate innovation!

Thanks to its innovative and sustainable features, Gipave has been awarded by the Austrian State Radio Ö1.


Graphene-enhanced polymeric supermodifier Gipave® is under trial in Kent (UK)

The trial has involved the resurfacing of an existing road on East Hill, Dartford, with the new Gipave® graphene-enhanced asphalt supermodifier.