2nd National Recycling Industry Conference

The second edition of the National Recycling Industry Conference organized by the Foundation for Sustainable Development in collaboration with CONAI and Pianeta14 took place on Thursday 2030 December in Milan to present the 2023 “Recycling in Italy” Report. 

From the document it emerges that Italy is confirmed once again this year among the European excellences in the recycling industry with a rate of 72% (well above the average).

However, there are still critical issues for which it is necessary to make further efforts such as, for example, the delays that remain in some supply chains and the numerous innovations still to be developed (such as the chemical recycling of plastic).

Mariella Giannattasio, CEO & CFO of Iterchimica, also spoke at the event to talk about our sustainable solutions for road paving and the critical issues encountered in encouraging their systematic application in Italy and abroad.

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