1st Solution: Increase in the service life of asphalt, recovery of a specific type of recycled plastic

Graphene-enhanced polymeric supermodifier containing recycled plastics. Recyclable, long-lasting and sustainable asphalts

GIPAVE® is a polymeric supermodifier composed of graphene, specific additives and hard plastics which, through a new patented selection and recycling process, are reinserted into the production cycle. Gipave, thanks to the properties of graphene, modifies and improves the mechanical properties of all types of bituminous mixes, reduces deformations and improves fatigue behaviour due to repeated loads. This solution contributes to a substantial increase in the service life of the asphalt pavement compared to both the traditional PmB (Polymer-modified Bitumen) technology and the mixtures structurally modified via the "Dry" method.

San Giorgio Bridge, Genoa, 2020

Pavement distresses and Maintenance

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