The first cycle path in Lombardy with 100% cold recycled and colored green asphalt was inaugurated at the Idroscalo in Milan

Monday 24 July 2023, together with Metropolitan City of Milan, we inaugurated two sections of cycle path around the Idroscalo (near the Riviera Est entrance), built entirely with 100% cold recycled asphalt and colored red.

The cycle path forms part of the “Change” project, the Biciplan of the Metropolitan City of Milan which includes 750 km of paths dedicated to bicycles.

Iterlene ACF 1000 HP Green is the name of the technology used for the cycle path which allows the cold recycling of 100% of the material deriving from the demolition of the old flooring. In this way, the damaged asphalt can be totally reused for a new paving while maintaining the same properties as asphalt produced in a traditional way. Furthermore, thanks to the use of oxides, the flooring was colored red with the aim of increasing visibility, ensuring greater road safety and contributing to the reduction of heat in urban areas (heat island phenomenon), making it possible to lower of the cycle surface temperature up to 18°C ​​less.

Compared to a flooring made with traditional hot technologies, the use of innovative technology offers significant savings over the useful life of the flooring. In detail, it allows the reduction of 9,6 tonnes of CO2eq (70% less) equal to the absorption action of almost 60.000 adult trees and the reduction of energy consumption by over 30 thousand kWh (-67%). Furthermore, for this activity, 186,8 tons of raw materials extracted from quarries were saved (-96%), equal to the weight of over 110 cars, and almost 10 tons of bitumen (-94%).