On-site cold rejuvenation: a success story in Serbia

In November 2021, the rejuvenator Iterlene ACF 1000 HP Green was used in Serbia, precisely in the city of Lajkovac, to execute a test field on an access road connected to the State Road IIB27. The section of reference involved the wearing course with the following dimensions: length of 51 m, width of 3 m and thickness of 4 cm.

The intervention was carried out by Strabag in collaboration with Iterchimica. The section involved is part of a secondary road with low traffic.

The actors involved aimed at using a significant quantity of RAP: in fact, cold recycling represents a valid tool for reducing the environmental impact linked to road construction. The reduction in energy required compared to traditional hot recycling generates significant savings in terms of costs and associated COXNUMX emissions.

In order to guarantee the success of the project, the design of the mixture involved the study of the grading curve and the bitumen content in the rejuvenated asphalt. It is worth mentioning that for such 100% recycled mixtures, the continuity of the curve is of crucial importance, as it affects the cohesion and durability of the mixture. The technicians then defined an initial mix design using the Marshall Method and the mixture was subjected to the ITS test. The results of the tests performed on the mixtures respected the minimum specifications required.

The new pavement was then installed and monitored over the following months: the section involved demonstrated the effectiveness of the product not only as a small maintenance and pothole-patching solution but also for building a section of secondary road with 100% reclaimed asphalt.

Thanks to this project, significant benefits have been obtained in terms of energy savings and COXNUMX emissions into the atmosphere, not to mention the avoided extraction of raw materials and the use of first-use bitumen.


The images represent the section of reference over time: starting from the left, the day of execution of the work, after 7 days and after 2 months.