Road resurfacing with Superplast


On behalf of Veneto Strade SpA, in 2020 the road surface was resurfaced in some areas around Lake Garda along the SR 249 "Gardesana Orientale" and along the SR 11 "DIR", affecting the municipalities from Peschiera to Bardolino passing for Torri and Brenzone, arriving as far as Malcesine (VR).

The creation was the result of the collaboration between Veneto Strade SpA, Iterchimica SpA, Poliedro Srl, Italmixer Srl and Italbeton Srl

The project took its first steps thanks to the study of the Poliedro Srl laboratory to define the optimal mix design of a special bituminous conglomerate for a non-slip wear layer, packaged with bitumen as it is class 50/70, structurally modified with a polymeric additive called Superplast.

Poliedro subsequently proceeded to sample all the raw materials necessary for carrying out the study directly at the Italmixer Srl conglomerate production plant

The focus of the project is the PmA (Polymer Modified Asphalt) technology which involves the addition of polymer compounds directly into the mixer during the production phase to modify the bituminous mixture using a special dosing system.

This technology allows the modified bitumen production phase to be overcome, favoring the reduction of environmental impacts and completely eliminating any problems with the storage stability of PmB.

With PmA technology, the same bitumen can always be used as is for both classic and modified productions, guaranteeing not only technical advantages but also better management of resources and supplies.

Superplast is a compound of selected plastomer-based polymers that allows to improve the mechanical performance of the final mixture. In detail, there is a decrease in thermal sensitivity, an increase in mechanical resistance (increase in indirect tensile strength and stiffness modulus) and in permanent deformations (rutting).

One of the main benefits of using Superplast is the reduction of deformations due to the repetition of traffic loads over time: this leads to an improvement in the fatigue behavior of the bituminous conglomerate and a better distribution of loads in the different layers of the pavement.

Superplast boasts a multitude of uses from urban streets to highways and is also used in airports in many parts of the world.

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