Sustainable and innovative maintenance intervention along S.R. 11

Last September Gipave® and Iterlow RS were used to carry out some maintenance work on the S.R. 11 “Padana Superiore”, in particular around the south-eastern area of Verona between the municipalities of San Bonifacio and Colognola ai Colli.

The intervention was carried out by Veneto Strade S.p.A., a publicly and privately owned company that deals with the management, and therefore also the maintenance, of the road networks of the Veneto Region.

The section involved in the work, which is part of the road that connects the Po Valley from west to east (S.S. 11), is subjected to daily heavy traffic of both light and heavy vehicles: for this reason, prior to the start of the work, the wearing course was disrupted and at the end of its service life, therefore having to be replaced.

The objective of the Managing Body is to provide road users with high-performance, safe and resistant road pavements that can guarantee high durability over time, avoiding any disruption and, consequently, extraordinary maintenance interventions.

With the aim of increasing the performance of the asphalt mix, providing the pavement with a longer service life in comparison to a traditional one, the Managing Body decided to use Gipave®, a graphene-enhanced polymeric supermodifier containing a specific type of recycled hard plastics in combination with Iterlow RS, which was used to improve the workability of the mixture and to exploit the potential of the reclaimed asphalt pavement.

To evaluate the correct mix design for the wearing course, Veneto Strade relied on the laboratory Poliedro Srl which carried out a series of tests to simulate the service life of the pavement and the stresses to which it is subjected in the most realistic way possible.

The parameters defined during the mix design tests were exhaustively confirmed by the material produced and laid on site: this experience is proof that Managing Bodies have the possibility of using sustainable and highly performing technologies for road infrastructure works, whether maintenance or new construction, to guarantee not only high performance but also sustainability standards that comply with the parameters dictated by the Green Deal.

In particular, the use of new generation additives contributes to the reduction of polluting emissions into the atmosphere in two ways: on the one hand, the lack of incineration and the elimination of plastics, on the other hand the extension of the service life of the road which reduces the need for frequent maintenance and the related production, transportation and laying operations which are delayed over time instead.



Contracting authority: Veneto Strade SpA

DG: Eng. Silvano Vernizzi

S.P.M.: Eng. Ivano Zattoni

Works management: Engineer Luca Fiorentino

Executors of the works: Impresa Beozzo Costruzioni Srl

Amount of the works: 238.607,77 Euros

Products used: Gipave® and Iterlow RS


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