Trial section in Kent (UK) with Gipave®, a graphene-based polymer supermodifier

Thanks to the collaboration with the Kent County Council e Amey, the graphene-based polymeric supermodifier Gipave® was tested in Dartford, Kent (UK).

The trial section, which involved the resurfacing of an existing road in East Hill, took place as part of the Association of Environment, Business, Planning and Transport Directors' (ADEPT) Smart Places Live Labs programme. Funded by the Department for Transport.

The works took place at the end of June 2020 and involved the resurfacing of a 350 meter stretch with asphalt containing the supermodifier Gipave® and a 350 meter stretch made using conventional bituminous conglomerate. The two sections are constantly tested and monitored in order to compare their durability and performance.

All the tests conducted so far on the road have shown that the graphene-based supermodifier Gipave® allows the performance of the asphalt to be significantly increased, with particular reference to the increase in resistance to load cycles and the ability to withstand temperature variations. The greater resistance will allow us to obtain floors that last longer than those made traditionally, with a consequent reduction in maintenance interventions and related costs in the medium-long term.