“Chemical Reaction” – Scholastic Merit Award 

Friday 6 October, during the day dedicated to Chemistry BergamoScienza 2023, the Competition Grants have been awarded "Chemical reaction" promoted by the Chimici Group of Confindustria Bergamo and aimed at fifth year students of the Natta institutes in Bergamo, Archimede institutes in Treviglio and Marconi institutes in Dalmine. 
The grants aim to stimulate scientific research on highly relevant topics such as the circular economy and sustainability. 
The awards ceremony was conducted by Mariella Giannattasio, as president of the Confindustria Chemicals Group, supported by the numerous guests who followed one another throughout the afternoon. 

The first prize was won by Anna Bertazza, Luca Cividini, Giuseppe Montalbano, Edoardo Rota and Asma Sbik of the Marconi Institute for the project "Bioworld Shop: production of sustainable fuels and materials". 

Congratulations to all the young finalists! 

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To find out more, find , here the BergamoNews article.