EcoForum 2019

Legambiente, La Nuova Ecologia and Kyoto Club with the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea and the Lazio Region in collaboration with CONAI - National Packaging Consortium and CONOU National Consortium for the Management of the Collection and Treatment of Used Mineral Oils, organize the sixth edition of the EcoForum Rifiuti โ€“ National Conference on the circular waste economy.
We will be present to illustrate the advantages of using Gipave, the new oneva graphene-based technology that makes floors more resistant to the passage of vehicles and deformation, with an increase in useful life of over 250%. In particular, the greater durability of the pavement will help prevent the formation of potholes and consequently make it possible to reduce maintenance costs.

Rome | National Event Space | via Palermo 10