EcoForum Puglia 2024

Last Friday 12 January, we participated in the third edition of EcoForum Puglia "Circular Economy – Work in Progress” organized by Legambiente and Comuni Ricicloni Puglia.

During the event, in addition to the award ceremony of the Apulian Recycling Municipalities, the steps forward made by the Region in terms of separate collection were discussed: in fact, according to the latest Ispra report, in 2022 the separate collection of urban waste and waste from packaging and the delay on the plants for the treatment of the organic fraction has also decreased.

Without a doubt, it remains essential to continue to provide support to large urban areas and encourage the efficiency of actions aimed at intercepting the quantities of packaging that mistakenly end up in landfills. 

Even Eng. Loretta Venturini, Scientific and Strategic Development Director, spoke during the morning with a presentation entitled "The circular economy for green roads” to present the benefits that our solutions bring to road pavements and consequently to the environment and citizens, thanks to recycling practices. 

You can find , here the Recycling Municipalities Report 2023.