The Ethical code is an Appendix of the Organizational, Management in Control model in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/01 of ITERCHIMICA S.p.A. Our Organization implements the current Ethical Code, mainly as charter of rights and moral duties, in a perspective of social responsibility, which apply to, without exception, all members of the Organization (managers, employees, consultants, partners , suppliers) in internal and external relationships and for the realization of the Group’s Mission. The Ethical code, therefore, has to be considered primarily as a tool to preserve the value and integrity of the company in time. It is a set of positive precepts and rules of behavior that our organization has voluntarily chosen to adopt and make public as an expression of its intentions towards its stakeholders. The Ethical code does not only describes what the members of the Organization can and cannot do, but also proposes to identify useful resources to address particular situations in the workplace.