FAD conference “New technologies for eco-sustainable road paving: from research to production and implementation”


14:00-14:05 Institutional greetings

14:05-14:35 Durability and eco-sustainability: two sides of the same coin, Prof. Andrea SIMONE, University of Bologna 

14:35-15:15 The innovative modification of bituminous conglomerates for highly durable and less maintenance paving, Eng. Loretta VENTURINI, Iterchimica Srl

15:15-15:55 Performance flooring: the new Genova San Giorgio Bridge, Prof. Alessandro MARRADI, University of Pisa

15:55-16:35 The reuse of material deriving from the milling of old paving in bituminous conglomerates, Eng. Piergiorgio TATARANNI, University of Bologna

16:35-17:05 New generation plants for eco-sustainable bituminous conglomerates, Eng. Marzio FERRINI, Marini Fayat Group

17:05-17:25 Adhesion activators and the useful life of flooring, Eng. Neritan SULEJMANI, Iterchimica Srl

17:25-17:55 Low temperatures? New eco-sustainable technologies, Loretta VENTURINI, Iterchimica Srl 

17: 55-18.00 Final questions and greetings


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