FaD conference “New technologies for the construction of safe, resilient and sustainable roads and cycle paths”


09:00-09:50 New technologies for sustainable and resilient bituminous pavements: from regeneration to increasing useful life with innovative modifications – Eng. Loretta Venturini, Iterchimica SpA

09:50-10:30 The sustainable paving of the San Giorgio Bridge in Genoa: analysis after 20 months - Prof. Alessandro Marradi, University of Pisa 

10:30-11:10 The reuse of bituminous conglomerate granulates for sustainability – Eng. Giulia Tarsi, University of Bologna 

11:10-11:50 Colored floors to reduce heat islands – Prof. Marco Pasetto, University of Padua 

11:50-12:30 From cycle paths to roads: old and new technologies – Eng. Alessandro Caruso, Iterchimica SpA 

12:30-13:00 Technologies for safe and eco-sustainable flooring in cold-temperate environments: workability and anti-ice solutions – Eng. Neritan Sulejmani, Iterchimica SpA 

3 training credits will be awarded to all engineers registered for the event.

Any other professionals, whether or not registered with professional associations and colleges, will also be able to participate without the recognition of training credits, subject to registration.

Registration required by clicking on this link.

Download the poster , here.