FaD seminar “Eco-sustainable road paving: utopia or reality?”


09:00 Greetings

09:05 Innovative modifications of bituminous conglomerates for safe and eco-sustainable road pavements – Eng. Loretta Venturini – Iterchimica Srl

09:50 The experience of the new Genoa San Giorgio Bridge: performance flooring – Prof. Alessandro Marradi – University of Pisa 

10:35 The reuse of bituminous conglomerate granulates – Dr. Raffaele Bolognini – Iterchimica Srl

11:15 How to increase the useful life of floors with adhesion activators – Eng. Neritan Sulejmani – Iterchimica Srl 

11:35 Warm Mix Asphalt from another point of view – Eng. Neritan Sulejmani – Iterchimica Srl 

11:55 How to plug potholes only once: performance materials – Eng. Loretta Venturini – Iterchimica Srl 

12:15 Artificial intelligence and pavement engineering: neural optimization of eco-sustainable bituminous mixtures – Prof. Nicola Baldo – University of Udine 


They will be recognized 4 CFP exclusively to members of the Order of Engineers of Udine.


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