FaD Seminar “Sustainable, resilient and safe road pavements for cold-temperate environments”


09:00-09:15 How to achieve the objectives of the PNRR in the field of road paving – Eng. Loretta Venturini, Iterchimica SpA

09:15-09:40 Safe and sustainable road pavements thanks to innovative modifications of bituminous conglomerates - some case histories - Eng. Loretta Venturini, Iterchimica SpA

09:40-10:20 Innovative technologies for sustainable flooring: the use of polymer compounds with graphene in road and airport environments – Prof. Alessandro Marradi, University of Florence 

10:20-11:00 From recycling to workability up to solutions for cold environments – Eng. Carlo Carpani, Iterchimica SpA

11:00-11:40 The regeneration of “milled” material: regenerators vs. fluxes – Prof. Cesare Oliviero Rossi, University of Calabria  

11:40-12:20 From the InfraRob Project for potholes containing 100% RAP to cycle paths – Prof. Paola Di Mascio, Sapienza – University of Roma

12:20-13:00 The colors of road pavements to combat the phenomenon of heat islands – Prof. Marco Pasetto, University of the Sthearing of Padua

All engineers registered in the Register of the Province of Trento will be recognized 4 CFP.

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