Gipave® and Hot Rolled Asphalt for the first time in Essex to create long-lasting and sustainable roads

Last week a project took place in Essex to revolutionize the way road surfaces are designed. The work was undertaken by Ringway Jacobs and Essex County Council in Chelmsford.

Ringway Jacobs, who are the road services provider for Essex, have engaged Eurovia UK and, in particular, their specialist consultancy firm Jean Lefebvre UK (JLUK) with Iterchimica.

The innovative key to the project was Gipave, added for the first time in the UK to a traditional material, in this case a Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA).

Gipave contains graphene, which is 200 times stronger than steel, making asphalt much less susceptible to both hardening and cracking in cold temperatures and softening in warm temperatures.

Thanks to Gipave, the elasticity and resistance of the flooring also increases in order to reduce wear, particularly when the flooring is subject to high loads.

Gipave further reduces environmental impacts and CO emissions2 (up to 70%) as it contains a specific type of selected hard plastic, which is usually considered non-reusable, thus avoiding less sustainable disposal methods.

As Ringway CEO Jacobs said, innovation is key to offering customers the highest quality, great value services.

The work carried out was a great example of collaboration between the partners involved - we are delighted to bring our know-how to Essex!