Gipave® trialled in Kent

In collaboration with Kent County Council and Amey, our graphene-based polymer supermodifier Gipave® has been trialled in Dartford, Kent. The trial section, which involved the resurfacing of an existing road in East Hill, took place as part of the Association of Environment, Business, Planning and Transport Directors' (ADEPT) Smart Places Live Labs programme. Funded by the Department of Transport.

Gipave has already been tested on other sites in Italy, particularly on busy roads and airport runways. The stretch of road will be carefully monitored to observe its behavior under the stresses caused by traffic and climatic conditions.

Federica Giannattasio, CEO of Iterchimica, declared: “We are proud to be working with Kent County Council and Amey on this trial, which allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of graphene road paving. Gipave, containing graphene G+ produced by our partner Direct Plus, is an innovative technology that allows us to create more durable, highly technological, sustainable and 100% recyclable road pavements. Furthermore, we are confident that it will represent a technological innovation also for maintenance and new construction works, generating environmental and economic benefits.”