Gipave® used to resurface a road in West Oxfordshire

In West Oxfordshire, a road is being resurfaced using Gipave, Iterchimica's graphene-based polymer supermodifier, developed to increase the life of asphalt pavements.

Oxfordshire County Council is leading the trial on North Street in Middle Barton, with contractor Milestone Infrastructure and partner Aggregate Industries. A 725 meter stretch of road will be laid with Gipave, while an adjacent stretch will be resurfaced with conventional high-performance asphalt, so the two surfaces can be accurately compared.

The initiative follows a successful pilot at Curbridge in 2019 – the first use of the product in the UK – and a trial on Marsh Lane in Oxford in March 2022.

Gipave also contains recycled plastics that would not normally be recycled. Furthermore, asphalt containing Gipave can be entirely recycled, promoting a circular economy practice that reduces waste and the need to use new materials.

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