Improvement in service life, increase in the resistance to the passage of vehicles, reduction of the track left by tyres and higher resistance to deformation: these are the excellent results of the first test of an asphalt concrete with Gipave, an innovative graphene-enhanced supermodifier developed during a three-year research programme called “Ecopave”, whose patent was filed in 2017.

The combination of new technologies such as the supermodifier and the rejuvenation of old asphalt pavements will help to meet the Green & Circular Economy targets. Once laid, asphalt concrete containing Gipave can be recycled and 100% recyclable. The reuse of materials helps reducing the carbon footprint of road surfacing and resurfacing, with a consequent decrease in the extraction of virgin aggregates from quarries and first-use bitumen.

After the success of the first trial test that took place in Rome, Directa Plus and Iterchimica are now starting to examine the possibility to replicate the trial in new locations in Italy and in other countries including the UK, the US and Oman.

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