Environmental sustainability is at the core of Iterchimica’s mission. For this reason, the company has developed state-of-the-art technologies that enable us to mitigate most of the emissions caused by motor-vehicle traffic and by transport infrastructures in general.

Reducing unpleasant odors

The unpleasant odor of hot-mix asphalt, although not an indicator of toxicity or other risk to human health, is often a cause complaint by people who live near asphalt production plants or areas where asphalt is being laid. Iterchimica has developed additives that help solve these problems by lowering the laying temperature of the asphalt or by otherwise inhibiting the release of odors.

  • Warm mixes
    • Reduction of unpleasant odors
    • Reduction of energy consumption during production
    • Extension of production-to-laying distances
    • Ability to use high quantities of RAP
    • High workability

The use of warm asphalt comes with many benefits. One is the reduction in energy consumption during production. Because production takes place at temperatures that are many degrees lower than hot-mix processes, this also reduces unpleasant odors during the production and paving process. In addition, the mix produced at a lower temperature cools more slowly (because of the lower thermal gradient of the mix compared to air temperatures), so it lengthens the maximum time allowed between production and laying and considerably extends production-to-laying distances. Iterchimica additives also ensure high workability of the mix even at warm temperatures, but because they contain no waxes, they do not present the problems of traditional additives, such as accelerated rutting in summer.

  • Anti-odor additives
    • Removal of the odor of heated asphalt.
    • Eliminates organic and inorganic odors

Anti-odor additives solve the problem of production facilities that are close to residential or commercial areas by drastically reducing the unpleasant odors that can be detected even hundreds of meters away from the plant.

Mitigation of traffic noise and vibrations

The problem of noise and vibration caused by traffic affects all urban areas. Iterchimica technologies make it possible to significantly reduce these problems, and we lead the world in this kind of use.

  • Itersilens technology
    • Significant noise absorption
    • Absorption of mechanical vibration
    • Recovery of high percentages of rubber (environmentally sustainable)
    • Homogeneous distribution in the mix
    • Strengthening of the mix
    • Easy to use, no impoverishment of the asphalt

The rubber powder obtained from discarded tires is an optimal modifier for asphalt mixes. Iterchimica has developed an optimal, dry treatment for these materials to be able to use them as additives in pavement and to achieve maximum yields and, consequently, the maximum absorption of traffic noise.

Absorption of vehicle emissions

Air pollution affects urban areas across the globe. Thanks to Iterchimica research, it is now possible for paved areas to contribute to the reduction of pollution by taking advantage of the photocatalytic effect of titanium dioxide.

  • Titanium dioxide
    • Removal of man-made pollutants from the atmosphere
    • Lightens the color of the pavement

Titanium dioxide is a photocatalytic compound that, when treated by way of an Iterchimica process, can be used in road surfaces to help purification the air, resulting in a significant reduction of organic and inorganic pollutants originating from human activities (e.g. production facilities, traffic, home heating, etc.).

Reduction of energy consumption

The production of asphalt concrete is particularly energy intensive because of the temperatures to which its components (bitumen and aggregates) have to be heated during production. Iterchimica research has developed additives that make it possible to produce the mix and keep it workable without running into the problems of durability typical of more traditional technologies such as waxes.

  • Warm mixes
    • Reduction of unpleasant odors
    • Reduction of energy consumption during production
    • Extension of production-to-laying distances
    • Possibility to use high percentages of RAP
    • High workability

Integration of infrastructures into the environment

The quality of urban and rural contexts where an infrastructure is located is an issue of increasing importance for decision makers when deciding to fund any of the various projects presented to them. Iterchimica’s solutions make it possible to use asphalt or granular-mix pavements that are both colorful and integrate well with the surrounding environment, while being more cost-effective and of better quality than alternative solutions:

    • Colorants and colored surface treatment
    • Integration with the environment
    • Mitigation of environmental impact
    • Same performance of the asphalt mix used
    • Low cost compared to alternative solutions
    • Very easy to use

The ability to integrate an asphalt surface into its surrounding environment, so it is no longer a mere bystander in that setting, but an actual protagonist that adds value to it, can provide a great opportunity to create low-cost infrastructures

    • Synthetic binders
    • Integration with the environment
    • Mitigation of environmental impact
    • Same performance of the asphalt mix used
    • Low cost compared to alternative solutions
    • Easy to use

Synthetic binders and good mix design make it possible to create mixes of any color by selecting the proper aggregates and additives. Iterchimica research has developed the best solutions for this type of pavement, which is suitable for key urban areas, such as the common areas of luxury buildings, shopping malls, or hotels.

    • Stabilization of soils and dirt roads
    • Integration within rural settings and parks
    • Increase in the mechanical performance of dirt roads
    • Keeps down dust

In high-value settings, it is sometimes preferable to maintain dirt roads rather than paving them, such as in city or wilderness parks or on farms and ranches, while also having to ensure the mechanical performance and durability that normal dirt roads cannot achieve. To solve this problem, Iterchimica has developed additives that enable dirt roads to achieve performance levels comparable to paved roads, while actually remaining dirt roads.

Reducing the use of virgin aggregates, by up to 100%

Why dig up the mountains when you can use the material already present on site? With the right technique, asphalt can be recycled infinite times. Iterchimica research has identified active ingredients that make it possible to achieve levels of performance similar to mixes obtained from virgin aggregates while using high percentages of RAP.

  • Rejuvenators
    • High percentages of RAP, up to 100%
    • Increase in useful life compared to the use of RAP without additives or with flux-oil additives
    • Increase in mechanical performance throughout service life;
    • Greater workability;
    • High durability of the asphalt mix
    • Reduction of maintenance

Asphalt encrustation

    • Cleansers and anti-sticking agents
    • Prevent encrustations
    • Detach encrustations from worksite machinery
    • Cheaper than traditional solutions (e.g. diesel)

Asphalt encrustation on equipment used for production and laying is a common problem. Iterchimica research has developed products that prevent these problems or solve them when they arise, without affecting subsequent use of the equipment as could happen in the past when products such as diesel (which is now prohibited) were used. Iterchimica products are also cheaper than diesel.