Join US: Talents for chemistry and polymers

Confindustria Bergamo has started a training project called “JOIN US: Talents for chemistry and polymers” which aims to promote employability, looking beyond territorial borders and accompanying young people to discover sectors characterized by a high rate of innovation.

For this initiative, Confindustria Bergamo involved 10 young people engaged in full-time company internships from a high school in Ancona, from two high schools in Sicily and from a high school in Bergamo: the young people were divided between 9 companies of the Chemicals and Plastics Groups and Rubber from Confindustria Bergamo.

Among these companies there is also Iterchimica: for ten days in fact we hosted a student from the Volterra Elia Institute in Ancona in our laboratories.

We are happy to have taken part in this project and to experiment with this innovative model of territorial attractiveness, since it is increasingly important for companies to create a system on the training front and establish strategic synergies between schools and the industrial fabric.

We hope it will be the beginning of a long series of experiences of this type.

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