Covalent bonds โ€“ UDA lesson: chemical production processes and cycles

Thursday 10 November, at the Technical Institute ISISG Natta, the first lesson of the new territorial study path was held, the result of a project born from the G. Natta Institute and the Chemical Group of Confindustria Bergamo and also extended to other institutes in the Bergamo area. 

Mariella Giannattasio spoke during the morning as President of the Confindustria Bergamo Chemicals Group. Afterwards, four companies in the sector were presented which will bring their contribution to the classroom in the coming months; among these, Iterchimica was also presented: Elisa Bertuletti, Research & Development Director, and Sergio Cisani, consultant, presented the Ecopave project which will be explored in depth by the students of the chemical institutes involved.

You can review the first lesson , promising.