National Recycling Industry Conference

On Friday 16 December, at the Milan headquarters of Corriere della Sera, Federica Giannattasio, CEO of Iterchimica, spoke at the National Conference of the Recycling Industry, organized by Foundation for Sustainable Development, with a presentation entitled “The new frontiers of recycling on the streets”.

During the intervention, Iterchimica's green solutions were presented which reduce environmental impacts and allow the recovery of materials from old paving, with the aim of building new roads that are increasingly safe, resilient and sustainable.

Furthermore, with this event, the Foundation presented the Report Recycling in Italy 2022, fruit of the work carried out by a group appointed by the Association. The report also mentions the supermodifier for asphalt Gipave, demonstrating that, through innovative processes, it is possible to give a second life to hard plastics and develop a product to extend the life of road pavements. 

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