Bergamo is also experimenting with asphalt with Gipave

Thanks to Skille for dedicating an article in L'Eco di Bergamo to Iterchimica and the Gipave experimentation.

The trial section, on the indication of the Municipality of Bergamo, involved a stretch of approximately 800 meters of the Fabriciano ring road.

Gipave, a supermodifier containing graphene and a specific type of specially selected hard recovery plastic, is an innovative technology born thanks to the research and collaboration of Iterchimica with G.Eco (A2A Group), the University of Milan Bicocca and Directa Plus. The project for its implementation was financed by the Lombardy Region tender POR FESR 2014-2020/innovation and competitiveness.

From the beginning, the product was created with the aim of increasing performance compared to traditional asphalt and the first road testing (a section of the SP03 Ardeatina carried out in September 2018) demonstrated that the objective was largely achieved. In fact, to date, the results of the experimentation have shown that the new technology makes it possible to improve the performance of road pavements by increasing their life by 250%.

Furthermore, the greater durability of the pavements helps to prevent the formation of potholes with a consequent reduction in maintenance costs and environmental impacts.










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