First road in the world with graphene: the results of the experiment presented

Increase in useful life, increase in resistance to the passage of vehicles and deformation, reduction of the trace left by the tyres: these are the excellent results of the first test in the world of a road made with "Gipave", a graphene-based supermodifier whose patent was filed in November 2017.

The combination of new technologies (such as Gipave) and the regeneration of old road pavements will contribute to achieving the objectives of Green e Circular Economy, through the reuse of materials, the increase in the life of roads and the consequent reduction in maintenance. After installation, roads built with Gipave can be 100% recycled, thus reducing the extraction of new materials and the use of first-use bitumen.

After the success of the first test conducted in Italy, the next stops will be the United Kingdom, the United States and Oman.


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