The leStrade magazine talks about sustainability in the motorway sector

In the 10.2023 issue of the magazine roads the article was published “The A4 TO-MI motorway travels towards sustainability” written by Eng. Michele Mori and Dr. Lorenzo Nicolini of SINA and Eng. Loretta Venturini of Iterchimica.

The article, after an introduction dedicated to the study of life cycle analysis (LCA) which has proven to be the most appropriate tool for evaluating the sustainability of infrastructures, presents the developments and results of the analysis of the environmental impact of the Smart Road project of the A4 TO-MI.

This is the first motorway project in the world designed to achieve sustainability objectives based on the reduction of emissions, scientifically founded and approved by the Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative and, therefore, in line with the Paris Agreement for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG – Green House Gases).

In order to reduce environmental impacts, the project saw the use of Gipave, a polymeric supermodifier containing graphene and specially selected hard plastics, and 70% recycled asphalt.