Milan becomes green – leStrade

On issue 8-9 of the magazine roads the article was published “Milan goes green” written by the Arch. Fabrizio Parati, Editorial Director of the magazine.

The article recounts the inauguration of the first cycle path in Lombardy with 100% green cold recycled and colored asphalt which took place last July at the Idroscalo in Milan.

With this virtuous intervention, Milan proves itself to be a city attentive to green mobility: in fact, the technologies used allow significant environmental benefits.

First of all, the Iterlene ACF 1000 HP Green technology, in addition to allowing 100% recycling of the old flooring, drastically reduces CO2eq emissions into the atmosphere and energy consumption, guaranteeing significant savings in raw materials (compared to flooring made with technology traditional).

In addition, the coloring thanks to red Iteroxid powder allows the reduction of the temperature of the flooring (urban heat island phenomenon), making it possible to lower the temperature by up to 18°C ​​less.

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