The newspaper The Times publishes an article on Gipave

Gipave, our graphene-based supermodifier, is the subject of an article published by the prestigious British newspaper The Times. The article mentions the advantages of using the new technology that enhances asphalt pavements’ resistance to vehicle passage and deformation, with an increase in service life of over 250%. In particular, the greater durability of the asphalt […]


Graphene: Iterchimica announces the official results of the first road surface trial in Italy

Improvement in service life, increase in the resistance to the passage of vehicles, reduction of the track left by tyres and higher resistance to deformation: these are the excellent results of the first test of an asphalt concrete with Gipave, an innovative graphene-enhanced supermodifier developed during a three-year research programme called “Ecopave”, whose patent was […]

Iterchimica mentioned on World Highways magazine

Iterchimica is mentioned in the prestigious World Highways magazine in an article about the new technologies related to the bitumen. In the text, cited specifically our product ITERLENE ACF 1000 HP Green for the use of 100%  of RAP; our Iterlow RS to optimize the processability of the asphalt concrete at low temperatures; our IterPPS […]