From the square at the top of the hill of Superga on clearer days, you can enjoy a suggestive view of the city and the Alpine area. The magnificent Basilica of Superga, located on the remains of an ancient sacred place, dominates the skyline of Turin and is clearly visible even from many tens of kilometers. The Basilica is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture, with a circular plan with a portico of Corinthian columns at the entrance; the dome is about 75 meters high and is flanked by two lower twin bell towers. A part of it is well equipped to accommodate visitors and tourists, offering multiple solutions for overnight stays in a suggestive place within the reach of all types of customers.

The square adjacent to the Basilica was paved with a coloured bituminous conglomerate, obtaining an asphalt pavement that is well integrated with the surrounding landscape and that, at the same time, has the same performance as a traditional black asphalt; the colour was obtained by adding an oxide to the conglomerate, without altering the mechanical characteristics of the asphalt pavement.