A green and innovative technology has been tested in Rome on two sections of a cycle path, precisely in via del Campo Boario and in via Nicola Zabaglia. The technology gives new life to old asphalt pavements, reclaiming all the materials deriving from demolition, in compliance with the principles of circular economy.

In fact, it allows to produce asphalt for road maintenance and for the construction of cycle paths starting from 100% recycled asphalt without the addition of bitumen or raw materials (gravel and sand). The production at ambient temperature (instead of traditional oven temperatures of 160-180°C) allows a considerable energy saving, a zeroing of atmospheric and odorous emissions and an improvement in the working conditions of those who produce and lay the asphalt pavement.

In addition, the use of this technology allows the reduction of transport because there is no need to move raw materials (bitumen from the refinery and aggregates from the quarries). Furthermore, the possible colouring with oxides and other surface treatments improves the visual impact and brings further benefits as regards the reduction of heat in urban areas.

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