Seminar: Road pavements with high performance and reduced environmental impact

On 18 April 2019 in San Marino the Seminar High performance flooring and reduced environmental impact: organized by Ecopneus in collaboration with the University of the Republic of San Marino and the Autonomous State Company for Public Works (AASLP) of San Marino, it is aimed at designers, managing bodies and builders in the road sector.

The Seminar aims to create a network to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the various players in the long supply chain of the road sector with the aim of raising awareness on the use of innovative technologies and materials such as asphalts modified with SBR, which allow important functional benefits and environmental.

Free participation upon registration by April 12th at To obtain CFP recognition, engineers must register on the site

San Marino modified asphalt seminar poster 18 April 2019