On Saturday, September 22, 2018 the YCBG Super G Sailing Team, a splendid Grand Soleil 43, was awarded at the Boat Show with the Trofeo Arcipelago Toscano (T.A.T.) perennial prize, in the ORC category. Here are the sailors who raced aboard Super G: Alessandro Giannattasio (skipper), Peppe Fornic (skipper’s helper), Fabrizio Eusebio (skipper’s helper), Gianni Campi (sail manager and tactician), Mimì (mainsail trimmer), Max Paxia (tailer), Giorgio Silvestri (tactician), Valerio Trabucco (bowman), Giulio Grazioli (assistant bowman), Danilo Ragni (expert weather tactician), Roberto Saletti (tactician and tailer), Gilberta Gegvataj (assistant bowman), Lino Finazzi (tactician helper), Luca Perico (pitman). Iterchimica is proud to be a partner of the YCBG project of offshore racings and warmly congratulates all those who have made this success possible.