One of the most poignant images for us dates back to the ’80s and shows Pietro Mennea, world record holder of the 200 meters with a time of 19”72, wearing the logo of Iterchimica, a marketing strategy that placed the company in the spotlight. Thereafter, we carried out targeted products launches: on the one hand, we sponsored cycling and sailing events in order to raise awareness about sustainability (low temperature, antismog and noise-absorbing technologies), while on the other hand, we sponsored auto and moto racing events in order to emphasize the importance of road safety (antiskid and antikerosene treatments). This is the sponsorship tradition of a company that has always believed that smart marketing is the best way to give added value to an already excellent product and it can be a chance of opening to the outside world. Over the years, along with the ongoing support to cycling and sailing, Iterchimica has extended its sponsorship to other sport activities such as go-kart and football.