Technical Seminar “Sustainability of Road Infrastructures”

The "Sustainability of road infrastructure" seminar was created with the aim of comparing those who manage road infrastructures, those who manage tenders, those who design, those who produce the materials and finally those who certify their sustainability requirements.

It is aimed at managers and technicians of public administrations, designers, construction managers, technical directors, company technicians and sector consultants.

The event is organized and sponsored by: Noesis, the Study Center Foundation of the National Council of Geologists, Aenor and Iterchimica.

Furthermore, it is sponsored by Accredia (National Accreditation Body) and ANTEL (National Association of Local Authorities Technicians).




10:00 Participant registration

10:15 Welcome greetings and introduction – Lawyer Otello Emanuele, Director of the National Geological Council Study Center

10:30 Legislative Guidelines for the Sustainability of Road Infrastructure Works – Hon. Riccardo Fraccaro

11:00 Directions and Operational Impacts on Interested Parties – Dr. Eng. Gianfranco Bruno, Noesis Srl 

11:30  Green and Hi-Tech Technologies for Road Pavements in support of the PNRR – Eng. Loretta Venturini, Iterchimica SpA

12:00 The role of Accreditation for the Sustainability of Works – Geol. Gianluca Qualano, Accredia 

12:30 Circular Economy, Existing Solutions and New Implementation Strategies – Eng. Tiziana Di Carlo, AENOR Italia Srl 

13:00 Closing of the Seminar


Registrations must be communicated by email to the address, indicating: name, organization or company to which you belong.

Note for participating geologists: when requesting participation, please provide your name, e-mail address, region you belong to, registration number and tax code.

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