The first service station in the world with Gipave® in Rome

The new service station of Q8, inaugurated on 29 September 2020 on Via Ardeatina in Rome, it is the first in the world to experiment with asphalt Gipave®, the polymer supermodifier that uses the properties of graphene combined with those of specific hard plastics, carefully selected, to increase the performance of asphalt, making road pavements more durable, safe and eco-sustainable.

The works involved the flooring of the new service station for a total area of ​​2.000 m7 and involved the use of the graphene-based supermodifier for the binder (3 cm) and wear (XNUMX cm) layers.

For this single service area it was possible to recover 1 ton of recycled plastics otherwise destined for waste-to-energy. Thanks to the lack of incineration, a saving of approximately 82 kg of CO2eq was therefore estimated. Furthermore, the increase in the useful life of the pavement with Gipave, compared to one with bitumen as it is, will allow a further reduction in CO2eq emissions of up to 70%.

“Having shared with Q8 this test that uses our Gipave technology to create the first graphene service station fills us with pride - commented Federica Giannattasio, CEO of Iterchimica - To evaluate the effectiveness of pavements made with asphalt containing the graphene additive, we have already carried out ten test fields in Italy and in the United Kingdom, obtaining excellent results. It is a technology entirely made in Italy that allows the creation of high-tech, green and highly resistant flooring with economic savings and a reduction in CO2 in the atmosphere."

Inauguration of the first service station with graphene asphalt

In the photo from left to right: Giuseppe Zappalà, CEO Q8 Italia;

Bashar Al-Awadhi, GM Q8 Italy; Federica Giannattasio, CEO of Iterchimica