The road with Gipave® also reaches the province of Bolzano

Alto Adige also becomes part of the experimentation of Gipave®, the polymeric supermodifier containing graphene and specially selected plastic. The experimentation is part of a broader context which involved innovative modification technologies and the use of specially formulated bituminous emulsions. The main objective of the test is to verify, even in environments with different atmospheric conditions, the results already obtained in the laboratory and on the road which demonstrate the improvement in the performance of the asphalt, based on the increase in its resistance and ability to withstand the temperature variations, thus obtaining floors that last much longer than those made traditionally.

Started on May 27th and completed on May 28th, the works involved the paving of the SP62 from km 6,450 to km 7,400, near Laimburg. In addition to the new graphene-based polymeric supermodifier Gipave®, other traditional technologies have also been investigated, such as the Superplast polymeric compound (mixture of plastomeric polymers) which improves the physical-mechanical performance of asphalts and the anti-sticking bituminous emulsion (which avoids adhesion of truck tires during road construction). The experimentation involved the resurfacing of the deep binder layer (thickness 8 cm) and the superficial wear layer (thickness 3) of four sections approximately 200 meters long each.