High-tech products for high performance asphalt pavements

Patented High-Tech Graphene-Enhanced Polymeric Supermodifier

Gipave® is a patented high-tech graphene-enhanced polymeric supermodifier designed for sustainable and longer-lasting asphalt pavements. It is the newest and most cost-effective technology, as it improves the performances of asphalt pavements and doubles their service life, preventing distresses and reducing maintenance operations and the related costs over time. Gipave® helps to reduce environmental impacts as it contains a specific type of selected hard plastic, which is usually considered non-reusable, avoiding its disposal at waste-to-energy plants. Moreover, asphalt pavements with Gipave® are 100% recyclable.

Anti-Stripping Agents

Iterlene anti-stripping agents are developed to counteract the disgregating action of water and to guarantee a perfect adhesion of bitumen to the aggregate. The innovative process modifies the chemical structure of the bitumen extending the service life of the pavement and allowing to obtain better workability, compaction, wettability and high mechanical resistance. These performing qualities are suitable to multiple areas of use, such as urban roads, airports, highways, etc.

RAP Rejuvenators for Hot Mixes

Iterchimica’s rejuvenators for hot mixes give new life to aged bitumen, thanks to their antioxidant and restoring action. This line of products is designed in order to recover materials, as it has a direct effect on the chemical-physical structure of the oxidized bitumen, allowing to generate new mixtures starting from RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement). This process leads to a consequent reduction in the use of virgin aggregates.

Rejuvenators for Cold Mixes with 100% RAP

Thanks to the green technology developed for these rejuvenators, with Iterlene ACF HP Green it is possible to recover 100% RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement) through a cold process, therefore reducing the environmental impact due to the production and laying phases. The result is a plastic, workable and sustainable asphalt mix that is suitable for low traffic roads and cycle paths.

Additives for Warm Mixes

Iterlow additives lower the production and laying temperatures of new and reclaimed asphalt pavements, therefore reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and minimizing the environmental impact.

Traditional Flux Oils

They lower the viscosity coefficient of bitumen through a specific chemical action. Traditional flux oils are used to improve the quality standards of bitumen emulsions and to produce plastic asphalt mixes that are more workable in the long term and even during the cold season.

Ecological Flux Oils

They are flux oils of vegetal nature that lower the viscosity coefficient of bitumen. Added directly in the mixer, Iteroil VG allows to produce bitumen emulsions and plastic asphalt mixes that are more workable in the long term and/or during the cold season. The product respects the environment.

Emulsifiers for Cationic and Anionic Emulsions

Iterchimica has developed a wide range of innovative emulsifiers to provide products suitable for both road and industrial use. Bitumen treated with emulsifiers is suited for applications such as prime and tack coat, cold recycling, slurry-seal, single-double-triple layer, special bituminous pastes, etc.

Fibres of Different Nature

They are pellets composed of cellulose, mineral and/or synthetic fibres that reinforce and thicken bitumen. These pellets are suitable to obtain high-performing asphalt pavements. Fibres are used to stabilise bitumen in porous and semi-porous asphalt concrete and in Splittmastix Asphalts (SMA). By reinforcing and thickening bitumen, these products extend the asphalt pavement service life.

Polymeric Compounds for Mixes Modification

They are mixtures of plastomeric polymers that are added directly in the mixer during the production (PMA technology – Polymer Modified Asphalt) to improve the physical-mechanical performances of asphalt concretes. Quality standards of the final product containing Iterchimica’s polymeric compounds are optimised, obtaining higher tensile strength and greater resistance to fatigue, rutting and thermal excursion.

Polyfunctional Polymeric Compounds for Mixes Modification

They are pellets composed of fibres of different nature (cellulose, mineral and/or synthetic), polymers and other additives. One of the products of this line is also composed of aramid. These pellets are added directly in the mixer to stabilise bitumen and improve asphalt concrete mechanical performances, extending the pavement service life (improvement in tensile strength and resistance to fatigue, rutting and thermal excursion).

Bitumen and Synthetic Emulsions

Iterchimica’s emulsions enhance the use of bitumen and convert it into a wide range of specialized products suited to several objectives and uses: prime and tack coat, slurry-seal, single-double-triple layer, cold mixes, bituminous pastes, etc. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of their use at lower temperatures, they allow a reduction of the environmental impact.

Stabilisers for Bitumen Emulsions

Itertix and Iterpower are additives that act on bitumen emulsions, delaying setting times, reducing the bitumen sedimentation, improving storage stability and long-term performances.


Iterlatex products are used for the modification of bitumen emulsions in order to delay their setting times. These additives enhance the physical-mechanical properties of bitumen emulsions and ensure storage stability and long-term performances.

Synthetic Clear Binders

They are specific clear binders that replace bitumen and offer the possibility to produce neutral or oxide-coloured mixes, suited to obtain coloured asphalt pavements. These products are specific for: urban design, coloured asphalt pavements, special and rural roads, sites of interest.

Surface Colouring Treatments

They are mortars and paints available in a wide range of colours that are applied on asphalt pavement surfaces. These treatments improve the visibility of asphalt pavements and their integration with the surrounding urban or rural landscape.

Oxides for Asphalt Concrete

They are pigments in powder or in granules used to colour asphalt mixes. A prestigious solution that is also very practical to obtain special road pavements. Iterchimica offers a wide range of options in terms of colours in order to meet any needs concerning landscape and/or urban design.

Polymers for Bitumen Modification

Iterprene polymers modify the physical structure of bitumen for asphalt pavements with improved mechanical performances, such as responsiveness to loads, fatigue and thermal excursion (softening point, penetration, viscosity, breaking point, elastic recovery, etc.).

Chemical Modifiers for Bitumen

Iterfort modifiers enhance modified bitumen performances through a chemical process that does not alter the physical structure of the mixture. Bitumen treated with Iterchimica’s modifiers is improved in its mechanical properties (e.g. softening point, penetration, viscosity, etc.).

Stabilisers for Polymer Modified Bitumen

Special additives used to stabilise modified bitumen: this treatment with Iterfort products increases SBS polymerisation, avoiding the binder’s separation in the storage tank and reducing the sedimentation on the bottom. The higher stabilisation of the binding bitumen-polymer can enable the reduction in the quantity of polymeric additive to be used.

Foaming Agents for Bitumen

Iterfoam is an innovative product used during the process of bitumen foaming. The foaming agent allows a higher-performing reaction, facilitating the process of cold recycling. It ensures an increase in the foaming volume, an improvement of the “Half Life”, allowing longer mixing times and a better coverage of aggregates.

Cold Asphalt in Bags

Itercold is a practical and green solution for road maintenance: cold, ecological and plastic asphalt concrete, packed in bags of 25 kg and ready to be used. It is produced with ecological flux oils. It remains plastic both during hot and cold seasons. In fact, it can be used also on wet surfaces.

Sealing Treatments

Itermastik bituminous mastics are used for the sealing and filling of joints and cracks.

Soil Stabilisers

Iterstab is a natural effect solution that ensures a pleasant viability on the so-called “white roads”. It is used on clayey and/or sandy soils treated with cement and lime. The product’s action is to block and transform the clayey materials, preventing swellings in the presence of water, improving compactness and facilitating cohesion among granules.

Cleaning and Detaching Agents

Iterchimica produces chemical additives intended for the maintenance of equipment and machineries involved in the production and laying of asphalt concretes. In fact, the company has developed Iternet, suited to detaching bitumen on surfaces - and Iterant, useful to guarantee an anti-sticking action on rollers during compaction.

Anti-Freezing Additives

The Winterpave® product line uses an innovative technology studied to delay the adhesion of ice to the road surface. It lowers the freezing point of water and inhibits the formation of ice-crystals. Winterpave® is homogeneously dispersed in the asphalt mix without changing its structural properties. Ice can be easily removed by snow clearing equipment. This technology diminishes the formation of ice on road surfaces and consequently reduces the probability of accidents and decreases the use of salt.

Anti-Kerosene Surface Treatments

Resin K products are developed to protect asphalt pavement surfaces. Their action protects asphalt pavements from the disgregating action of fuels and oils, especially in areas where spillage is higher (i.e. airports, parking lots and gas stations). These treatments are available in different colours to be perfectly in harmony with the surrounding environment and respectful of the context.

Anti-Kerosene Additives for Asphalt Mixes

Asphalt resistance is constantly damaged by the contact with fuels and oils deriving from means of transport; the treatment with anti-kerosene chemical additives protects the road pavement and ensures its perfect durability against wearing. The product is added directly in the mixer during the production of asphalt mixtures for wearing-courses.

Products and Technologies for Anti-Vibrational and Low-Noise Pavements

Protection from noise pollution is one of the priorities of urban design’s current needs; for these necessities, Iterchimica has developed an innovative ecological system that reduces the noise caused by the rolling of tyres on road pavements. Itersilens technology enables the asphalt to absorb noises thanks to the plastic properties of crumb rubber derived from the recycling of ELT (End-of-Life Tyres).

Anti-Smog Additives

Itertio2 is an innovative product that actively reacts against the emissions of dangerous air pollutants: the activated process of catalysis transforms the main cause of air pollution (i.e. NOx combined with fuel emissions) in healthier substances for both human beings and the environment.